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How To Recover Facebook Page Admin?

If your account has been accidentally removed from the admin role on Facebook, you can get it back again. If your account is hacked and the hacker removed the admin, you’ll need to submit a request.  There are many ways you regain ownership of the account, which are given below.  Reclaim a Page if the account is hacked – If you are the owner of the account and you’ve been removed as admin from the account, visit to regain access. Then you need to o
- Geschreven op: 02-12-2020

Reasons for Comcast Email Login Issues?

Well, if you are encountering the Comcast email login issues, then there could be multiple reasons behind it. Most of the email problems are coming from the Comcast email subscribers out of the Xfinity batch.  Let's have a look at the reasons why you encounter these types of issues on your PC.  First of all, you must check the internet connection on your computer as most problems stem from the bad internet connection.  The servers of the Xfinity Comcast email may be down; that is
- Geschreven op: 24-11-2020

How To Make Yahoo My Homepage On Microsoft Edge

If you like Yahoo services and want to streamline them, you should make Yahoo your homepage in the default browser. Here are the steps to make yahoo homepage in Microsoft Edge.    Open the browser and click on the three dots from the top right corner to open the menu and then click on the Settings option.  Now, in the General section, choose ‘A specific page or pages’ for Open Microsoft Edge With heading.  Then enter the URL in the given Address you wan
- Geschreven op: 26-09-2020

What is Facebook jail and Tips to Avoid it?

Well, Facebook jail is a term coined for the disablement of the account. Sometimes your Facebook account is disabled for the reasons unknown to you. They usually do that when you cross a line and don’t follow the guidelines by the Facebook team.  Well, here are some tips you can follow to get out of Facebook jail.   Post on Facebook – You should avoid posting the same content in multiple groups at the same time. You’ll get thrown into virtual jail by Facebook. To avoi
- Geschreven op: 17-09-2020

How to Fix-Yahoo Mail Not Working On Computer

In case you’re facing the issue of ‘Yahoo Mail not working’ while you trying to access your account on Chrome browser then, do not worry much as it is a very common problem that many Yahoo users encountered with from time and again due to the following factors—   Server outage of the Yahoo Mail service. The Chrome browser’s incompatibility issue due to an obsolete version of it. The unnecessary caches and cookies in the Chrome browser. Available Third-party An
- Geschreven op: 11-09-2020
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